Best Way To Protect The Roots of Your Garden Trees

How To  Protect Tree Roots During Renovation and Home Improvement

Tree Roots “Far Far Away”

When we hear the term tree roots, immediately our mind takes a mental note as to how far down in the ground the roots are and how difficult it is to maintain or protect them. Guess what, that is not the case. Trees usually have roots that spread horizontally into the ground rather than going deep. A mature tree’s roots spread two to three times the diameter of the tree’s crown which is reasonable when it comes to keeping it healthy and providing it with the best care.  

Protect Tree Roots with Ease

You must be wondering that the roots are the most important part of the tree but how can we ensure the health of the roots standing beside the tree? So to ensure that the roots of the trees surrounding your place are in good shape you might have to dig a little deeper. The roots all mighty and powerful serve to anchor the plant, make sure the right amount of water and soil nutrients are there to keep it all green and healthy. What you can do to help the roots is that add a couple of inches of soil, it will help the small fibrous feeder roots to provide water and nutrients to the tree. The term used is called mulching, which helps to retain moisture and preserve a steady soil temperature.

The tree roots can also be kept healthy by using pruning techniques from the start when the tree is young. That will help it grow stronger and better in structure. People these before planting a tree estimate the size of a mature tree and thus plant keeping in mind the space it will require, wrong planting can hinder the roots. Also, the fertilizer and chemicals should be very carefully used as they are going to be absorbed by the roots. 

Protecting tree roots has never been an easy job where there is digging or construction involved. A proper team should be assigned the job to make sure the roots have not been cut. Power equipment may also damage the tree, for that be very careful. The best way is to put up a protection fence, If a tree is 30 feet tall then the roots are probably going to reach out 60-90 feet from the trunk so that is the estimate measurement to consider. Approximately 2-3 times more. So, first learn about the tree type, the roots system before you begin construction anywhere near a tree.  For more expert Tree advice, contact Treesurgical in Chicago for more tips on how to protect the roots of your garden trees especially when you are building walls or adding on an extension to your house, you will want to make sure no damage has been does it it can add to your costs later when the health of the tree starts to fail and you have additional costs and inconvenience.   

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